9 Pervasive Myths About Choosing an Occupation

Published by James on April 06, 2010

Here are some important things to ponder when making your career choice:

1. Choosing an Occupation is Easy

Putting some thought and research into your eventual livelihood is important. Discovering the pros and cons of an occupation will help you find something that is a better fit.

2. Job Experts and Career Counselors Have All the Answers

While an expert may be able to offer insight as to a particular industry, ultimately it will be up to you to choose your career path.

3. A Job Cannot Be Fun

Spend some time ascertaining as to how your skills and passions could be profitable, and you may have found your calling in life.

4. Choosing a “Cutting-Edge” Job is the Way to Go

A job labeled as the “wave of the future” may not necessarily last. As technology and culture change so does the job market. Do not settle for something trendy, but rather something sustaining.

5. Money Equals Job Satisfaction

In the short-term, money can definitely be a great motivator. Ultimately, though, other factors such as the work environment, self-actualization and pride in one’s work can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment.

6. A Career is Forever

You will always have the option to start over if you so choose. If your profession is not a good match, you owe it to yourself to find another one.

7. My Current Job Skills Are Not Applicable to Getting a New Job

Every job has transferable skills that can be relatable to your next career move. It is up to you interpret how your experience can be an asset to your new company.

8. Once I Find my Career I am All Set

Choosing your career is just the beginning. Setting goals for yourself is equally important to make sure that you are growing as an individual and striving to meet your potential.

9. Having On-the-Job Experience is a Must

Researching trade magazines or interviewing those in the field can give you a foot in the door you may be seeking, especially when job posting requires a certain amount knowledge or experience.