Master Of Occupational Therapy College Program Rankings

Master of occupational therapy college program rankings are not the same when you are talking about a traditional college campus and an online university. In one of these instances the rankings are much more helpful to more students. The trick is in knowing the nature of these rankings and how to make them work for you.

The Difference

Rankings for traditional occupational therapy colleges don’t help that many students. After all, how many students really make it into the top few programs in the country anyway? List rankings tend to give up after a certain number of programs and each of these programs only accept a certain number of students each. This means that the best of the best know where to go and everyone else is left to fend for themselves.

Online rankings, however, do not have these same limitations. Online universities never run out of classroom space so they can keep accepting more students if they so choose. And while online university rankings may give up after a certain number of programs this clearly does not have as much of an impact on students looking for occupational therapy programs. The physical location of the school is not a factor either.

Should You Try For The Program With The Highest Ranking?

Going for the program with the highest ranking is not a bad idea but a random list of program rankings should not be your only motivation for choosing an online school. There are many aspects of an online university experience that are hard to quantify and many that are downright subjective. You want to know exactly what a program is like so that you can decide if that program sounds like a good fit for you. With online schools you can try for the program with the highest ranking but make sure you know more about the program than its place on one list.

Is It Okay To Skip The Rankings?

You do not necessarily need a program that made a particular list of rankings. You just need to make sure that the program in question is a quality program and that the degree that you walk away with will be respected when you take it into the workplace. Sometimes rankings overlook quality programs so you can skip the rankings. Just make sure that you accumulate sufficient information from other sources so that you know you are still making the right choice.

Occupational therapy is the practice of performing occupational-type tasks as emotional or physical therapy. Tasks can include work, self-care, leisure, and domestic chores. Occupational therapists help promote health and wellbeing through occupation, thereby enabling special needs individuals or injured persons to participate in everyday life. Below are several schools with online programs in occupational therapy or related subjects.

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