What’s The Average Salary With A Masters In Occupational Therapy?

The field of occupational therapy allows you to help people. This is why many people get into this often challenging field. But how much can you make with a masters in occupational therapy? And why go so far as to get a masters in any field?

The Average Salary

The average salary range for someone with a masters in occupational therapy is between $44,000 and $57,000 a year. This wide range goes to show you all the possible starting salaries for those with this degree. They are an indication of all the factors that can affect your starting salary. The type of institution that you work for will help to decide how much you make. Larger companies often pay more.

Where you work will also impact your potential earnings. People in the health care field in some areas of the country make more money. This may be offset by the cost of living in the areas where you would make more money and you should be aware of that but this is another factor that will help determine how much money you make with your masters in occupational therapy.

Why Get A Masters Degree?

Many people ask why they should get into a field that requires a masters degree or why they should progress to the masters degree level if the field they are in does not require an advanced degree for entry into that field. Masters degrees come with several benefits. The most obvious reason is probably the earning power that comes along with a masters degree. You will make more with a masters than with a bachelors, a lot more. It’s as simple as that.

Another reason to get a masters is that you will be able to parlay your advanced education into better job opportunities. In tough economic times, your higher level of education and specialization can help you to increase your chances of getting a job when the throngs of individuals with only bachelors degrees run into difficulty. This more advanced degree just makes you more attractive to employers because of the knowledge base that it brings and because it shows how serious you are about your chosen field.

A masters in occupational therapy can help you to earn a good living and it can provide you with other benefits too. Education is your way to gain immediate entry into the field of your choice. And a masters degree helps you to start off higher up.

Occupational therapy is the practice of performing occupational-type tasks as emotional or physical therapy. Tasks can include work, self-care, leisure, and domestic chores. Occupational therapists help promote health and wellbeing through occupation, thereby enabling special needs individuals or injured persons to participate in everyday life. Below are several schools with online programs in occupational therapy or related subjects.

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