Top 50 Occupational Therapy Blogs

Published by admin on July 09, 2010

Occupational therapists help people get to the point where they can do every day tasks. The whole point of occupational therapy is to allow people the chance to move forward. This can be for those who are born with specific issues, or for those who acquired them through some sort of accident. An occupational therapist can be quite helpful in terms of helping people help themselves. Here are 50 great occupational therapy blogs.


One of the most obvious ways that occupational therapists others is through physical therapy. This includes helping patients learn to walk, or grasp small items, or any number of other tasks.

  1. (B)e(LO)n(G), OT: Follow the exploits of this occupational therapy practitioner as she helps others increase their ability to perform tasks.
  2. ABC Therapeutics: This blog has a focus on hand rehabilitation, but also addresses other issues related to occupational therapy.
  3. Kara’s OT Blog: Get a good perspective on life and occupational therapy with insights from this therapist.
  4. Chronic Pain Blog: Learn how to cope with chronic pain, and work through it on a daily basis.
  5. Your Therapy Source: Learn more about occupational therapy, with a special emphasis on pediatric therapy.
  6. Gosh, that’s neat!: An enthusiastic look at occupational therapy, and helping others.
  7. WiiHab: An interesting look at using the Nintendo Wii as a tool in occupational and rehabilitative therapy.
  8. Occupational Therapy Notes: Learn more about different approaches to occupational therapy, and get an account from a practitioner.
  9. Meta-OT: Get an interesting look at occupational therapy from different bloggers who are knowledgeable about the subject.
  10. HealthSkills: This is about chronic pain management and healthy living, allowing you to overcome the physical problems of pain, and functioning as a professional.
  11. Prolotherapy: Learn more about this interesting therapy, and see how it might be able to help you in your life, in terms of ligament and tendon therapy.
  12. GrandCare Systems: This blog looks at technology and advancements in elder care and therapy. A helpful way for seniors to remain independent as they age.
  13. Occupational Therapy: This site offers insight into occupational therapy ideas, jobs and more.
  14. Helpful information on physical therapy, and how it can help you improve your ability to perform every day tasks.


Sometimes we forget that there are can be mental aspects to certain issues and conditions. An occupational therapist can also help people learn how to do non-physical tasks like balance a checking account or interact in a socially appropriate manner with others.

  1. This blog is mainly about dealing with stroke.
  2. Stroke: A look at the issues associated with stroke, and the therapy that can be used for recovery.
  3. Counselling Resource: An interesting look at how to deal with real life on an emotional and mental health level.
  4. change therapy: Helpful blog that focuses on eating disorders and other issues. Great way to learn how to improve quality of life.
  5. Children’s Speech Therapy Corner: Learn about speech therapy for children, and how they can enhance their communication skills to put them in a better place for every day activities.
  6. In Therapy: Learn about interacting with the world more effectively from this psychology perspective.
  7. Everyone Needs Therapy: A look at how you can work through your issues to get the therapy you need to improve your life and function well.
  8. Notes from a Therapist’s Chair: Helpful hints on therapy you can do at home. A great way to learn more about counseling, and how it can help you function at a better emotional level.
  9. The Autism News: Information on autism, and information on occupational therapy related to autism.
  10. Autism Blog: A great blog about autism, occupational therapy, and more.
  11. NYC Therapist tells all…okay some: An interesting look at mental health and therapy, and a look at how to cope on a daily basis. Also includes a dash of humor.
  12. ADHD Blog: Learn more about ADHD and ADD, and the therapies that can help those who live with it focus and perform daily tasks.
  13. Online Therapy Institute: This blog offers insight into bringing technology together with mental health.


Learn about the latest developments in occupational therapy, and stay on top of what you should be learning about the field. These blogs provide helpful insights and the latest headlines in occupational therapy.

  1. ADVANCE Outlook: OT: Get the latest from the field of occupational therapy, and learn about issues in the field. An interesting and news-based approach.
  2. Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy News: Get a look at the latest headlines regarding occupational therapy from Medical News Today.
  3. Ang Therapist: Get information about seminars, findings and the latest headlines in a number of therapy subjects, including occupational therapy.
  4. TodayinOT: Learn about what is happening in occupational therapy, following headlines, and getting specific information about areas of interest and specialty.
  5. Physical Therapy: Keep up with the latest news in therapy, and learn about job openings.
  6. TodayinPT: Learn more about the latest developments in physical therapy, and occupational therapy.
  7. Therapy Times: A variety of news sources and bloggers who share the latest headlines in therapy, including occupational therapy.
  8. Learn about different therapies related to mental health, including therapies that can help you get on with everyday life.
  9. Counseling and Therapy News: Quick overview of news headlines in the world of therapy.

Academic, Professional and Career

Get access to professional and academic organizations and publicans about occupational therapy. Helpful blogs that can help you find the strength of organized occupational therapy, and maybe even network.

  1. Occupational Therapy – educational issues: Get a handle on the issues associated with occupational therapy in New Zealand.
  2. RehabCare: This blog focuses on college recruiting. A great way to get your start in an occupational therapy career.
  3. Salford University Occupational Therapy Education Blog: Learn about the latest in OT education in the U.K.
  4. TechnOT: Learn about using technology for occupational therapy, from this college teacher who knows about the subject.
  5. The Public Occupational Therapy Journal: Learn more about issues and professional practice from the articles highlighted by this journal.
  6. Rehabilitation: Medline Plus offers a wealth of information, articles and more about occupational therapy and more.
  7. Therapy Jobs: Read articles on career information, and look at job listings for occupational therapists.
  8. The American Occupational Therapy Association: Professional organization for occupational therapists. Read the latest news, find events and look for jobs.
  9. A helpful resource for Canadian occupational therapists.
  10. APTA: The American Physical Therapy Association offers news and articles of interest to those who work in therapy.

First Hand Therapy Accounts

One of the ways you can gain inspiration as an occupational therapist is to learn what others have to say about their experiences. Learn about what people go through in therapy, and gain greater insight into how you can help.

  1. StrokeSurvivorBlog: Learn, first hand, about how a stroke can affect lives, and what goes into therapy.
  2. Vicarious Therapy: Follow the therapy sessions of “Aqua”, who hopes to learn how to cope and live life with Chronic Major Depressive Order.
  3. Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater: Learn what it’s like to be recovering from an eating disorder, and re-establishing a more normal relationship with food.
  4. Fuzzy Pink Slippers: Follow the efforts of this blogger who works to become more functional.

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