Top 40 Free Online Tests, Quizzes and Apps to Find Your True Career

Published by admin on August 11, 2010

There are a number of rewarding jobs out there. However, not everyone is suited for every job. It can be difficult to know which job you are likely to enjoy the most, or thrive doing. In many cases, salary is only part of the equation. Job satisfaction often depends on your personality, how you feel about what you are doing, whether you enjoy your work, and the perks and benefits that come with the job. If you are looking to get started down a career path, the following 40 free tests, quizzes and apps can help you find your true career calling:

General Career

There are a number of career tests and quizzes. By helping you explore your likes and dislikes, and by helping you pinpoint what you are good at, you can learn what career is likely to suit you best.

  1. Free Career Test: This career test from Quest Career Services can give you an overview of your natural motivations and talents, and help you discover what career might be a good fit.
  2. The Free Career Test: Create a profile and learn more about possible careers that match your work personality.
  3. Career QUIZ: This Facebook application helps you figure out what career is most likely to fit you, and provide for a solid future.
  4. Smart Career: Use this Facebook app to connect you with career choices that make sense for you.
  5. CareerPath: This free career test, powered by CareerBuilder, can help you find different career options and possibilities. You can also take a job satisfaction quiz to determine whether you are really suited for your current job.
  6. CareerFitter: Take a quick free version of the career test offered by CareerFitter. You can also take a full version and get more complete results when you pay a fee.
  7. LiveCareer: Learn about what career might fit you best when you take this career test that looks at what you enjoy, and your work personality.
  8. Job Diagnosis: You can receive a complimentary job diagnosis after taking this free career test, which helps you match position, and provides a job outlook for your career.
  9. Similar Minds: Take this simple and straightforward career test to get an idea of what career might work best for you.
  10. What’s Your Career Personality?: Take this career test to determine your work personality and match you with you a job that works for you.
  11. Free Online Career Profile: This career tests helps you find your true career and create a direction for yourself.
  12. Career Finder Test: Take this career test to figure out what is best for you.
  13. Queendom: There are a number of different career tests here, which can help you pinpoint whether you would be good in certain jobs.
  14. MAPP: You can get a free personal potential appraisal that can help you determine what career is most likely to help you reach your personal life mission.
  15. Common Careers for Personality Types: Use this quiz to help you determine what career suits your predominant personality type.


Your personality has a lot of bearing on what kind of jobs you are most likely to be happy doing. Learn more about your personality, and what kind of person you are, to help you figure out your true career.

  1. Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II): Learn about your own temperament and personality in order to help you get acquainted with the types of jobs you are likely to excel at.
  2. 41 Questions. 1 Personality.: Take this quiz to learn more about yourself.
  3. Personality Test: This Facebook app provides you with information on your personality, and what you might be suited for.
  4. Dr. Phil’s Personality Test: Learn more about yourself with a little help from Dr. Phil’s Facebook application.
  5. HumanMetrics: This test is based on the Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typology, and can provide you with insight into your personality.
  6. Advanced Personality Test: Get a more in-depth look at your personality, and learn about your options with this application.
  7. My Personality: Yet another helpful Facebook application that can help you determine what sort of personality you have, and whether it works with different careers.
  8. LearnMyself Personality Test: Get a handle on who you really are. You can’t find your true career if you can’t find your true self.
  9. ColorQuiz: Spend five minutes and learn more about your personality — by color.
  10. What Color is Your Personality?: Learn about what color your personality is, and what that represents with this fun application.
  11. Personal DNA: Find out what kind of personality you have before embarking on your true career.
  12. Know Your Own Mind: Free personality analysis that can help you get to know yourself as you look for your true career path.
  13. Free Personality Test: Use this to determine what kind of person you are.

College Major and University

One of the starting points on your career path is choosing the right college major, as well as attending the right university. There are a number of helpful quizzes, tests and online applications that can point you in the right direction so that you get the education and training you need to excel in your true career.

  1. College Major Assessment Test: Use this test, found on, to figure out the best college major for you.
  2. Counselor-O-Matic: The Princeton Review offers you some help in choosing the right college and major.
  3. What College Major Should You Have?: This Facebook application helps you discover what college major would work best for you.
  4. College Major Quiz: Learn about different majors, and figure out which works best for you, and your career path.
  5. College Major Quiz: An application that can help you pinpoint your best major choice, as well as find a minor.
  6. Decide College Major Test: This free test can help you decide on a college major that best suits your career aspirations.
  7. What College Major Should You Take?: This quiz helps teenagers decide on a college major by what they are interested in, and by career aspirations.
  8. College MatchMaker: The College Board offers a helpful hints related to finding the right university for you, depending on your personality and career hopes.
  9. The Honest College Matchmaker: Get help choosing the right college for you, and get on the right career path.
  10. What is Your Perfect Major?: Get helpful hints and insights into which college major you should consider choosing.
  11. Which College Major Should You Be?: Consider your personality and career path, and take this quiz to help you choose a major.
  12. What Should You Study In College?: Find out what you should study in college to fit your personality and your true career.

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