40 Best Online Tools for Occupational Therapists

Published by admin on November 07, 2011

If studying for a master’s in occupational therapy or looking for a career in the field, it is important to demonstrate a wide skill set. Knowing the latest tricks of the trade as well as the old favorites is all vital to a career as an occupational therapist (OT). And the average person doesn’t have the time or access to study each OT practice individually.

To help you get the next best thing, we have gathered the 40 best online tools for occupational therapists. They can help you learn the latest developments in the field, new tips and tricks, expert opinions, and even a few options to turn your smart phone into one of your most important tools.

Best Educational Online Tools for Occupational Therapists

  1. The American Occupational Therapy Association
    The AOTA is committed to helping both therapists and patients live life to its fullest. They have loads of online tools for doing just that, including two publications on occupational therapy. You can also find resources for practitioners, educators, and students.
  2. National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
    Learn more about certification in occupational therapy with a visit here. The NBCOT has loads of tools for those seeking or who are interested in becoming certified. They also have an online community and resources for international visitors.
  3. Advance
    Stop by this site that has loads of information for those in occupational therapy. There are loads of headlines, features, and even an app of the month with more. There is even a special section for students and new graduates.
  4. Meta-OT
    Get tools and discussion on occupational therapy here. The active community consists of many practicing occupational therapists and their thoughts on the profession. You can also get a glossary and assessment database.
  5. Today in OT
    Jobs, continuing education, and news greet all visitors at this site. In addition to viewing jobs, occupational therapists can also post their resumes here. They even have a market place and blog spot with more.
  6. Occupation Outlook
    Get all the stats on occupational therapists from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They include job outlook, education required, and salary. You can also get projections for the career with a visit.
  7. Real Life OT
    Read about the real life experiences about those who work in occupational therapy here. How to become one, daily duties, and more are all discussed. Dawn Rosenberg McKay is the career planning expert at About.com and has more.
  8. Barbara Smith
    She has loads of resources for occupational therapists on this site. In addition to her books, you can find guides to OT in pediatrics, geriatrics, and more. She also includes fun and games on the site.

Best Free Apps for Occupational Therapists

  1. Tap to Talk
    Get just what the app promises in its title. Patients can simply tap on what they like to get a voice. There are apps for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, and many others at no charge. There is even a free web tool.
  2. Verbally
    This is an easy-to-use, comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for the iPad. It brings speech to those without and enables real conversation with its simple, intuitive design. Available for free, simply tap on the image to get Verbally to say it for you.
  3. Small Talk
    Get an app designed specifically of the population that need specific and functional phrases paired with simple yet engaging illustrations. Each illustration–minimally colored and simply yet effectively drawn–accompanies a short, functional phrase often needed (and used) by clients with aphasia. Available for free, you can get both a male and female version.
  4. Eye Chart Pro
    Turn your iPad into a virtual eye chart with the help of this app. It has loads of customizations to make your very own eye charts. There is both a free version and paid with more options.
  5. Siemens Hearing Test
    The app was created by audiology experts at Siemens to help you determine whether you have hearing impairment. This revolutionary application has been scientifically developed and carefully tested to ensure the most precise results possible. Get your very own hearing test app at no charge with a download.
  6. How to Protect Your Eyesight
    Have your patients try out this eye exercise app as part of their visual occupational therapy. It uses simple games which can reduce your visual fatigue and protect your eyesight. Also a good choice for occupational therapists who spend lots of time reading.
  7. Autism Express
    Use this simple app to get feelings listed as pictures. Simply have a patient point to a face to describe their current mood. Available at no charge, it is intended for autism patients.
  8. Dragon Dictation
    Finally, if you have a patient that can speak but not write, check out this app. It is a free voice recognition app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The bloggers at OT’s With Apps have more on this and other apps.

Best Paid Apps for Occupational Therapists

  1. Kandy Fish
    The app centers around a group of brightly colored fish and can be utilized for those who need help in the motor skills department. Colors, stories, and more are all used as teaching tools. See for yourself for only $0.99.
  2. ABC Pocket Phonics
    Click here to learn more about this application that targets letter sounds for the 20 letters of the alphabet and letter diagraphs. Therapists can use this app to target the following skills: literacy, phonemic awareness, letter identification, sound symbol relationships, diagraphs, and more. It sells for $2.99.
  3. Dexteria
    Fine motor skill development is the goal of this app. It is a set of therapeutic hand exercises (not games) that improves fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults. A good choice for parents, as well as occupational therapists, it currently sells for $4.99.
  4. Medical Spanish
    Have patients who don’t speak English? Then try out this app made specifically for medical professionals who need to communicate in Spanish. The blogger at iMedical Apps has more on the $4.99 app.
  5. Smart Oral Motor
    This app is designed to help those engaged in speech therapy, particularly children with Down syndrome or apraxia of Speech. Animations and exercises help them learn. The price was also recently dropped down to $4.99.
  6. Fluency Tracker
    If speech therapy is part of your practice, check out this $8.99 app. It is designed for individuals who stutter and parents of children who stutter. Fluency tracker complements the services of speech therapists in making progress towards a more fluent speech, positive feelings about speech, and reducing avoidance behaviors that are associated with stuttering.
  7. Look2Learn
    The app helps kids with visual skills and assists in verbalization of needs and wants. In addition to using included images, the app allows you to use your own voice and images as part of the learning. Selling for $15.00, the app was rated number one by Autism Plugged In.
  8. Grace
    Picture exchange for non-verbal people is the focus here. The app is the winner of the 2010 Irish Web Awards and United Nations World Summit Award Mobile. Now in its second version, it has loads of updates and costs $37.99.
  9. Proloquo 2 Go
    Get a highly sophisticated communications app here. It was designed specifically to take the place of complex computers to help disabled children communicate that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Real life users of the $189 app discuss it further here.

Best General Online Tools for Occupational Therapists

  1. Stories
    Part of The Occupational Therapists Daily, they feature the real life stories of practice here. Visitors can both read and send in their own stories. The site also has sections on health, education, business, society, and technology.
  2. Therapy Fun Zone
    The tagline of this site is “keeping the fun in function.” They have tons of activities and ideas for occupational therapists with all sorts of patients. There is also an online community and job board with more.
  3. Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips
    Dr. Anne Zachry is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 18 years’ experience providing quality OT to children. In her blog, you can get loads of tips and online tools for helping your own pediatric patients. She recently shared stories for children with autism and Asperger syndrome.
  4. Occupational Therapy Student Info
    For those still studying or who need some refresher OT tips, click here. The site offers educational sections such as anatomy and physiology. You can also get items on the occupational therapy process and case studies.
  5. Gosh, That’s Neat
    This blogger keeps track of all the online tools on the web for occupational therapists on this blog. Get reviews, recommendations, and much more with a visit. Popular posts include “Words of Wisdom” and an app review.
  6. OT Plan
    Stop here to get activity ideas and treatment plans for all sorts of occupational therapists. It matches the skills you want to work on, with the materials you have, to a detailed OT treatment activity. Simply scroll down to get the latest, or choose from skill, material, or plan.
  7. OT Connections
    Finally, if you can’t find anything in the above, stop here. It is an online forum for occupational therapists. It contains loads of member created blogs, forum discussions, and more.

Best Online Blogs for Occupational Therapists

  1. ABC Therapeutics
    Chris is an occupational therapist and owns a private practice in Western New York. His blog is an ongoing experiment in a mostly open-source exploration of occupational therapy. Stop by for expert views on everything from insurance to school based practice.
  2. (B)e(LO)n(G), OT
    Karen is an occupational therapist that now works in a school district in California, after spending a year practicing in the rural Deep South. She loves the work and hopes to help others in the career. It is also a stand out choice for blogging during the school years.
  3. Complete Rehab
    They are an occupational therapy practice that provides professional and compassionate care for patients in British Columbia. A recent blog series was on occupational therapy in nursing homes. The main site has more.
  4. Official Therapist Blog
    Visit here for the blog of Travelforce Staffing, which specializes in therapist placing. They have loads of tips and information on the career on the blog. You can also get more tools for therapists on the main site.
  5. Occupational Therapy Notes
    Cheryl shares the musings of an occupational therapist at the profession. Other topics include the future, school, work, and everyday successes. She recently blogged about working in the school system.
  6. TechnOT
    From Alberta, Anita is both an occupational therapist and a teacher in the area. Her blog specializes in the role of technology in OT education and practice. One of her latest posts was on a robot that can help.
  7. OT Tools for Public Schools
    Stop here for a spot to share ideas for working with students in exceptional education in public schools. The blogger enjoys sharing the experiences of those who have had breakthroughs, particularly with young children. Ideas for your own practice are also shared.
  8. Salford University Occupational Therapy Education Blog
    They are a team of Occupational Therapy Educators who work at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom. Throughout the blog, they have shared ideas, experiences, and photos on occupational therapy. You can also get other resources on the blog such as a network and presentations.

Be sure and consult a licensed occupational therapist before making any major health decisions or following the advice read in the above 40 best online tools for occupational therapists.

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